T A N  M O U S S E  &  A P P L I C A T I O N   M I T T  incl. M I N I  S K I N C A R E  K I T

[V I B E  B R O W N  B A S E  R A P I D]


The Vibe Rapid tans have made our tans famous on social media with celebrities, models & influencers such as Hildee, Helen Janesson-Bense, Brooke Vulinovich, Olivia Vlachou & Ely Fisher being huge fans of our signature dark "Vibe" tan.


And now you can experience the fantastic colour, feel and finish of our signature dark Professional Tan in an easy to apply self tanning mousse!!


If you have had spray tans with Perth Mobile Spray Tans before, contact us to see if this colour is suitable for your skin tone. We can check your file find out what colour spray tan we have used on you before and match you to the correct mousse colour base & development time. 


The salon professional-standard Vibe Brown Base mousse delivers the ultimate client experience with super fast drying, triple bronzers and a rich dark colour. Infused with anti aging green tea extract anti-oxidants and hydrating Aloe Vera for a beautiful, dark, streak free tan that feels fantastic on the skin.This mousse is suitable for medium to darker skin tones. It is also suitable for our pale clients that dare to go dark. 


Did you know it's also good for your skin?

Infused with Witch Hazel, Anti-Aging Green Tea Extract, Hydrating Aloe Vera and Wattle Seeds, Black Magic Mousse will deliver a beautiful, streak free tan and we know you will notice a difference in how soft and smooth your skin feels! 




For a perfect tan exfoliate well 1-2 hours prior to use with our ZIA FIA "French Green Clay & Pumice Exfoliate Bar". Apply to clean dry skin.
Moisturise dry affected areas such heels, knees and elbows with our ZIA FIA Moisturiser which acts as a PH balancing primer. Pump mousse onto the application mitt then using a circular motion apply evenly.

Skin should be touch dry before dressing.


Development Time: 2 hours for most skin tones. LOVE to be next level dark? Call us for your free colour consult and we will let you know the maximum time you can leave it on for based on your skin tone.

Upon Completion of Development Time: Take a warm shower, have a rinse without soap or body wash, lightly pat skin dry.

NB: the colour of your tan will be fully evident after 12 hours.

Post Development: Vibe has triple bronzers which makes it even moe imprtant to follow the correct after-care recommedntations with the products we have recommended as safe to use on tans without fading them!

It is recommended after 12 hours you moisturise twice daily for beautiful glowing skin with a paraben-free, mineral oil free & sulphate free moisturiser - Shop our Tox-Free ZIA FIA Moisturiser which is designed to be the perfect PH primer before tanning and to maintain your tan for longer when used daily after your tan has developed.  Use our conditioning body bar to wash with to help maintain your tan - free from tan-fading nasties such as SLS & SLES. All ZIA FIA tan skincare products are made in Perth WA!



Your Home Self Tan Kit also includes a mini ZIA FIA skincare kit to keep your tan lasting longer. Mini skincare kit includes Sample Size Moisturiser, Conditioning Body Bar & Exfoliate Bar. 


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