Follow the spray tan preparation & after-care process below to know how to prepare, what to expect and how to look after your tan for the most flawless, long-lasting spray tan



For best results you need to follow these simple guidelines to prepare for your tan:

1. Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment using an exfoliating mitt and natural SLS & SLES free body scrub. Both can be purchased through our online shop.

2. Moisturise 24 hours before your appointment using a paraben free, mineral-oil free moisturiser. Shop tox-free tan friendly moisturiser via our online shop.

3. Any waxing or shaving must be done at least 24 hours before the spray tan appointment. 

4. On the day of your appointment shower and exfoliate with water only. Do not use any body wash or soap as this can leave a residue on your skin which may have an adverse effect on your tan.

5. Do not shower within 2 hours of your spray tan appointment. This is very important to avoid open pores absorbing tan creating a "dotty" tan, it will also ensure that the spray tan is absorbed into your skin evenly.

6. Do not wear any makeup, moisturiser, deodorant or perfume to your appointment. These products will potentially inhibit the spray tan from developing correctly.


7. Ensure that your home, particularly the area where you will be tanned, is cool and any pets are kept away from the area. Make sure a plug socket is available.


8. Have comfortable loose clothes ready to put on after your spray tan.   

If you have any questions sms 0424 558 058 or email You may find the answer to your question on our FAQ section of this website.

Please make sure that you are ready for your spray tan 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Have your mobile phone switched on and nearby in case your tan technician needs to contact you to discuss arrival, particularly if you live in a large block of units or apartments. 

Please allow for 10 minutes either side of your appointment time although we try our best to be on time, sometimes traffic conditions may result in us being slightly delayed. 



When your tan technician arrives they will immediately begin setting up the pop-up tan tent, a fresh towel will be placed on he floor of the tent and the machine will be plugged in. Your tan tech will always wear gloves for hygiene purposes. Your tan tech will get out the disposable products needed for the tan. 



Each new client is consulted prior to being tanned. Your Tan Consultant will ask questions to determine the most suitable product and application method for you. 



Your Pro Tan Expert will now fill the Spray Gun with the colour that has been selected for you.
You will be given some barrier cream to apply to the tops of your feet, back of ankles, knees and elbows. Any excess cream can be rubbed into your hands. This cream is applied to the driest areas that tan tends to stick to, allowing a perfectly even tan to develop.
You will be given "sticky-feet" to stand on. This prevents the bottom of your feet getting tanned. They are removed by your Spray Tan Consultant at the end of the tan. You are also given a disposable cap to wear to keep your hair tan-free.  
You are welcome to wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with for the tan. Many clients wear a g-string only but we understand that not everyone is comfortable with this so please feel free to wear whatever underwear you wish, just be aware that any bras/knickers/shorts/bandeau tops that you do wear will leave tan lines as the tan will not be able to go through it. If it's for a special event just make sure your tan lines will not show too much when you put your outfit on. We are happy to spray tan female clients nude however for first time clients we do prefer that you have at least a g-string tan line (unless you really insist that you would rather not) so that you can see the colour difference and monitor how long your tan lasts. Because our tan colours are so natural it can be very difficult for you to determine how long your tan is lasting and how dark you have truly gone without a tan line. After that initial appointment however you are welcome to go nude. All male clients must wear undies.
We will NOT spray tan men naked for the safety of our Tan Techs and due to the mobile nature of this service. Usually a Tan Tech will have someone waiting for them in their vehicle when visiting a male client for the first time, this is purely for the safety of our Technicians. 
Your Spray Tan Consultant will then spritz you with our unique Body Primer. This PH Balancing formula acts as a primer under makeup creating a smooth surface for the tan to be applied over. As hormones can affect skin PH balance which may in turn affect how well your tan turns out, this crucial step assists you in achieving the best result possible. For the best results it is recommended that you purchase, and apply a few times in the 24 hours leading up to your appointment, the ZIA FIA No 2 Hydrate Moisturiser (available on the online Shop) which is PH balanced to optimise sunless tanning enabling your skin to become a smooth hydrated canvas for the spray tan to be applied and ensure that your skin is at the optimal PH level with no chance of any part of your skin looking uneven, dry or scaly due to lack of hydration.
Two light coats of tan will now be applied, always starting from the back. In some cases, one coat may be plenty. This will be determined by your Spray Tan Conusltant in consultation with you. 
Your Spray Tan Consultant will now assist in drying and blending the tan in 3 key areas: neck, elbow creases and underarms. Please keep your arms away from the sides of your body. It is extremely important to prevent skin to skin contact to ensure an even result. 
Your sticky feet will be removed for you by your Spray Tan Consultant. Your palms will be wiped with a wet-wipe as will any painted/shellac nails to prevent discolouration.
You will be told to rinse your hands after 30 minutes and be made aware of the time to rinse the rest of the tan off. 


rinsing the tan off

Rinsing your hands after 30 minutes is essential to avoiding unsightly tan hands! Put the tap on low to ensure the water does not splash up your arms. You also want to avoid a line at your wrist so let the water, as a low dribble, run down the back of your hands and pat dry.
When the recommended time is up for your tan, rinse for 30 seconds under a warm (not hot!) shower. Do not use body wash or rub the skin. Simply watch the colour run down the drain and then pat dry.  Do not panic if the colour has completely disappeared leaving no tan line - this is entirely normal and nothing to worry about. Your tan will take a minimum of 8 and up to 36 hours to develop. 



Caring for your tan is essential if you wish to keep that glow going for up to 10 days! Make sure you avoid chlorine, salt water, coconut oil, soaking in bath tubs or spas and body butters. If you do swim in a pool or the ocean make sure you shower in fresh water immediately after so that the salt or chlorine is not soaking into your skin and drying your tan out!
Moisturise daily with our ultra-moisturising tan fixing spray or an sls paraben free moisturiser such as cetaphil or QV. Use an SLS SLES Paraben and Oil free body wash - we recommend and stock the Thankyou range which can be purchased from us at a low price. 
Only exfoliate when you are ready to remove your tan.
If you go to the gym daily or do work which results in excessive sweating please be aware that your tan may not last as long as it normally would. 



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